Humiliation and Degradation Tasks

I’ve had a several suggestions for my Humiliation and Degradation Week, some recent and some that I got ages ago(!). I’m hoping to do some of these suggestions over the next couple of days and hopefully report back at some point over the weekend :)

Some of the things I will be aiming to do or try (suggested by followers) are:

1. Write “cumhole” across your cunt mound. Wear a short skirt, go to a shopping center with a dildo in your bag and fuck yourself in the bathroom with the door unlocked. No hand washing afterwards.

2. Write humiliating words/phrases on your body with a marker, then wear a thin blouse or top, so that the writing may be spotted and asked about.

3. Write out a sentence affirming your submissiveness 100 times.

4.  Pee yourself with clothes on. In the bathtub. Just pee and let it sit for a moment while you ponder, before changing.

5. Masturbate into a pair of panties, then lick them clean/keep them in your mouth

6. Visit a tattoo parlour and discuss possible humiliation tattoos with one of the artists. Ask their opinions on the best and most degrading words/ideas, and the most humiliating/painful places to put them.

7. Only eat from a bowl on the ground.

8. Removing your underwares in a public place (bus would be my choice). Then stuffing them in your mouth for a while. Then putting them back on in another public place

9. Spending a whole day with panties speaded with jam, butter, nutella or peanut butter.
Messy option : having no panties and your butt cleft spreaded with one of above.

10. Wearing a shirt (without bra = a bonus) closed by clothe pins or hair tongs

11. Walking around with your skirt like accidentally stuck in your panties, until someone tell you.

….and to write it up while kneeling on a tray of rice (Pain Week).

As you can see there are lots of tasks! I don’t expect to do them all, but I will try to get a few done. Any other suggestions or questions feel free to message me.